Monday, 17 October 2011

Tulips and Roses

Flowers are such wealth that nature has provided for us.   Life become much more colourful with the presence of flowers.   It eloquently convey our love through its beauty.

I've make some flowers in pots today.     
I placed them against the morning sun,  I admired them myself with the sun rays passing through some parts of the translucent petals.    This brightens up my day!

Good Morning to all!  Flowers ....Well and Joy send my greetings to the whole wide world!
 I love the colours but craftmanship could be further refined :-).    I placed them with my other toys (not made by me, but can be candidate for future products),  you can see the size of the Japanese Dolls and  Pinocchios in ratio to the flowers.  

Nice collections for kids and lovable adults too ... it is simply sweetness!

Coming up next will be brightening theme ....... please wait a little while for the next update :-)


  1. good morning indeed ^ ^ lovely flowers and collection, i remember owning similar dolls as a child too!

  2. Ya, I am sharing toy with my daughter as the mum stayed young and cheerful by having sweet child dreams as well! I think this is what life is about :-)

  3. I love roses and orchids. These small flowers are beautiful. Greetings, a hug from New York!

  4. Amary, greetings & hugs from Singapore. Nice to meet you :-).

  5. Hi, love your flowers!!Miniregards from Spain.

  6. Hi Sonia, welcome and nice to hear that you love these flowers, we appreciate what nature brought to us as that make our moods very well as we are harmonized:-) Hugs & regards, from Wellajoy!