Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas Mood is ON !

It is time to prepare Christmas!
This year, I have my special task to make miniature for Christmas as it is my very first Christmas after picking up miniature craft work.
I bought my first miniature christmas tree which is gold in color.   It is 7.5" tall representing a 7.5 feet tall Christmas Tree.    Then I start dressing it up.   With some handmaded miniature deco and a big golden bow ribbon,  my christmas tree is now fully dressed.   
Next, I use a cosmetic carton to prepare the platform for my presentation.     I think Christmas is not complete without Santa.   I feature as a toy ornament next to the Christmas Tree. 

Since we have another 2 weeks prior to Christmas,  dear Santa decided to take his nap closed to the beautiful carriage.    Young princess couldn't wait to play with him but Santa is snoring all the way!    Come, it is counting down time,  we look towards Christmas and welcome the wonderful holiday season with anticipation!    Hey hey, Santa ... Santa, wakeup ....wakeup :-).

Go ahead, wishing everyone the best of the 2011 Christmas Day!
Best Wishes from  Wellajoy!


  1. What a cute display, and the sleeping santa looks adorable!

    Pei Li

  2. Hi PeiLi, glad you like it :-). Actually quite difficult to form the small Santa in his pose, so I let him hold his boots.

  3. Everything is very beautiful!

    Merry X-tmas


  4. Hi Eliana, thanks very much for visiting! It seemed my Christmas display is too warm (too red). In fact the weather now is getting very cold... It is time for get together! Have fun and enjoy :-)

  5. Happy New Year le!!! Time for Santa to rest XD Have a great 2012! Are you ready for CNY????? :P i'm already panicking!

  6. Hi Cindy, I made a golden dragon for the dragon year, but my daughter said it look like golden lizard due to its size and look :(, anyway if nothing work out, I show you my work. Maybe it is still acceptable :)

  7. LOL our families are our most reliable critics XD do not worry about it, Dragons are reptiles, as are lizards, right? XD

  8. @PeiLi, @Cindy and @Eliana, thanks so much for dropping by, Happy 2012 to all of you :-).