Thursday, 10 November 2011

Great GiveAways from Miniature Patisserie Chief

Dear Readers,

A great give away is now on!
BUT It is not from me, but from one of my admiring artist --- the Miniature Patisserie Chief.
I love to refer you the below 1/12 scale blue christmas tree cupcakes made by PeiLi which is so beautifully presented with a lovely blue shade tray paper and you may get this special set as a gift if you are lucky enough :-).  
Visit this link before 29 November and try your luck :-).
Best wishes to you all and myself too because I am also participating for the lucky draw!! 
Well and Joy !


  1. I appreciate the tip! I'm already in the draw. ;)

  2. Great, we all share the love of great work. Some day, I hope to be good enough to go for such fun exercise :-).