Sunday, 6 November 2011

Koi Fish with Videos

Koi is one of the most auspicious symbol in Eastern culture and legend that symbolize prosperity, harmony and well fortune.   Many keep them in their garden a Koi space with water features, while Chinese Scroll Paintings and Japanese art also feature this.  

I've made some videos during one of my recent visit to Fish Farms in East Singapore. 

Peaceful & Leisurely Koi's

About feeding time :-),

And now the Miniatures.....

I attempt to make my first miniature Koi product with its brillant colours and harmonious aura to represent its auspicious connotations.   As it has to reside in water and I plan it floating on my crystal collections in 3D featuring.    Taken a snapshot of 4 graceful movements of my little fish.   I would say it looked a bit too rounded and well fed compared to real ones :-).   Size wise 1:12 of a medium size Koi fish so it is about 1 inch in length.     I tried to play around put it into a mini glass "fish tank" I bought from a florist shop.   It looked like a little oversize to live comfortably in there :-).

First Koi made displayed on crystal feature


Baby Koi swimming in Fish Tank

Anyway,  I proceed to make a second one of slimmer body and put them together.   Hmm,  at least little baby Koi will not be lonely anymore,  and I think they team up quite well :-).  

Come readers,  the Koi pair of Wellajoy wish all of you Well and Joy,  Good Fortune and Great Prosperity !!

See you again soon ^_^.


  1. The koi fish miniature is perfect.

  2. Thanks for your comment and encouragement ^_^. Plan to make more interesting items...... from Asia side of the Globe :-).

  3. Oh wow!! The fish looks very real!

    Pei Li

  4. Welcome for visiting PeiLi and thanks very much for your compliment. I am trying different creations before I narrow down to make more of a certain category :-). I tend to combine my inclination for chinese painting into my miniature work so the fish will look lovably graceful. But I think colour wise still need some finetuning.