Thursday, 18 August 2011

New Clay Creations - Brooch, Card, Floral Presentations

Promised to keep posted about the outcome of the miniature creation workshop :  our team did not get the team winner but I was one of the two individual winners.    
During the final judgement, our mentor brought along two of her friends who are also experts in the miniature creations.    Their work were at professional level, we were very impressed how real and how refined that these 1/12 scale products can be done so nicely!   Honestly,   we beginners will have a long way to go!

You can navigate one of their site to see how good the experts can really deliver!  It is awesome!

Back to the real world,  I have decided to make some more craft with my left over clay I bought from these miniature workshops.

I made a brooch (to match my new dress, with the color selections of pink, yellow and peach).

Then, another card painting with Orchids on them.    This is not really 1/12 scale but in the size of a 2.5" x 3" card size.

Finally,  I made a slightly bigger floral presentation of about 5" tall.   As I ran out of Grace Clay,  I could only use some left over  Staedtler Modelling Clay, so the flowers were really much bigger.    What I desired to present was  inspired by the clay work,  that we could actually create more things that could be of practical use, not only 1/12 size type by collectors eg. the brooch you can design to match your outfit / theme  and the floral arrangement of Ikebana Style that could be kept in small version and will last and the flowers will not fade or died. 

I had always wanted to make some real flowers arrangement of Ikebana Style,   I think I would be able to make more of these that can be kept (as they are small & can last) and more varieties.    Soon I can expand my collections.

This is fun and inspiring!
For Leisure and Pleasure, for Well Being and for Joy!

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

BearFruit : Miniature Creation Workshop (July 23/30, Aug 06/13, 2011)

It is such an honour!   I had been selected as one of the 25 participants (Singapore Islandwide!) for the workshop organized by The Creative Academy (National Library Board) to attend the Miniature Creation Workshop mentored by Snowfern Clover (Ms Cindy Teh).

In lesson 1, we learnt all basic regarding how to handle the airdry clay, measurement and how to colour them that looked like breads.    I was quite amazed, it looked so real !
First Creation of little bread buns!
During lesson 2,  we were mainly using Grace Clay for preparation of strawberries and were being taught the relevant techniques to make different kind of fruits like kiwi, blueberries, bananas, etc.   
I couldn't wait for 3rd lesson and start assembling one myself which looked rather oversized but still received some good feedbacks although the cake still lack the yummy creams :-).

Ice-cream Fruit Cake

Lesson 3,  the various technique that make the basic complete were covered.   We were talked about how to cream the cakes, piping the creams and decorating the whole cake and how to seal it.   It is then up to our own creativity to make our products attractive!   
I spend two to three afternoons working out my presentations.    Hope you all like it!   I was very pleased myself with my own creations that  I uploaded this to my facebook ;-).    

Miniature Creation Products

And to add to it,  I have decided to make a Birthday Cake for my mother for her birthday this month.   I am sure you recognized the peach ( chinese : 寿桃)

Finally,  presentation preparations for Lesson 4.    I made these preparations ( two table tops :  one with my products, one for my team-mates to add the rest)  and keep our fingers crossed ^.^.

Team E -- Sucess!

Keep you posted : XD!