Thursday, 20 October 2011

Brightening Theme : Orchid Displays

Hello friends,  more crafts created today  ......  I am really in my best of moods :-).
I proceed with miniature Orchid floral arrangement, lined with Tulips.    Decided this time to put them in my my display shelf where I keep my trendy glasses with the enchanting advertisement cutting of  the aura bright SKII essence at its background  (personal collections).

Please take a look, I think it is looking bright and modern this time!
Cheers ...... good day ^.^ ........ Cheers

See you next time!
With hugs from Wellajoy!


  1. The orchid is beautiful. The composition of the photo is amazing!

  2. Good day Eliana, nice to hear you like them. As flowers trigger feelings of happiness and joy, I will probably built up more for collections. See you there :-)

  3. wow! i love it! i'd been toying with the idea of making orchids, but they seem so difficult, and you've succeeded! now i'm inspired again and hope to try it out soon :D

    thank you for sharing!

  4. Snowfern dear, my work are developed from the kind sharing of your mentorship , will always remember my 师傅:-). Indeed, as I a flower lover, I will probably build a collections of flowers and garden if I can afford more time. Keeping in touch ^.^.

  5. I have been amazed with the orchid, it's really beautiful!

  6. Thanks Amary. Welcome to my blog. While posting, I am in progress of making more of these. I will put up a flora nursery soon :-). Keep in touch!

  7. Wow!!! Your flowers are so exquisite!!!!

  8. Dear Kiva, thanks! And welcome you to my blog. I am a beginner and feel real good to have your encouragements. Hope to make more lovely displays and some fishes too in the future:-).