Saturday, 29 October 2011

Chinese Fairy, Chinese Painting, Miniature Craft

Dear Friends,

Today I really made something of my combined interests.
Using miniature clay craft technique to make chinese fairy doll in opera style costumes and featured with my chinese painting of blossom at the background :-).   It is the integration of all my interests put together.   It is really a new experience but certainly a very fulfilling one for myself. 

Hope you will like it ^_^.
Well and Joy !!


  1. I really like the combination, the Chinese doll and 'cherry blossoms' (Sakura, is not it?) Is perfect!

  2. Good day Eliana, thanks for commenting! I love it. The cherry blossom is Chinese Blossom .... I have derive my version from a painting book I bought during my July Holiday in Guangzhou China. Glad that you like it :-).
    Hugs ^_^