Monday, 23 January 2012

Chinese New Year Feast

Hi Friends,

This time,  I will not show clay miniature creations.
I show the below my food preparation for the CHINESE NEW YEAR :-).

Hope you like the decoration creations especially this one :
Farewell to RABBIT (2011),  Welcome to Dragon (2012) !

Last but not least,  I display my Lou Han Fish after spring cleaning his home for the New Year.    You can see bubbles activing the CHINESE WORD "FU" - 福 (FORTUNE) at the centre, wishing all a GREAT FORTUNE YEAR!

Wellajoy ~~!!


  1. Hello Wellajoy :)

    You are not only good @ crafting miniature items but good at food display too.. is inspiring !

    Here, wishing you a happy, healthy and wealthy Year of Dragon. Cheers !

  2. Hi Ping, lol thanks.... real food display I do only ONCE-A-YEAR only when my sis-in-law's family come visiting, miniature items can be done anytime, not as messy :).
    I wish you and your family a happy lunar new year! 龙年行大运!

  3. Again Happy New Year, Wellajoy! I love your New Year's food decoration! And your fish is so cool!

  4. Thanks dear Ewa for visiting & your well wishes and comments :). Yes, this type of fish is quite interactive, so it has been fun to play with ~~!

  5. Hi Hi, saw your post at my blog... thanks ! :) I bought the Shou Tao from Crystal Jade Dining Place. It it also available for order @ Crystal Jade Kitchen and it comes with a few choices. Enclosed their website for your reference :)

  6. Hi Ping, thanks for the info. Cheers, Wellajoy!